Tuesday Floor Hockey Schedule:

Tuesday Floor Hockey Teams - Winter 2023

TeamTeam Colour(s)Colour PriorityTeam Captain(s)
2nd BlackAaron Thompson, Travis Stich
1st RedRiley Whyte, Brandon Bland
Andrew Stewart, Phillip Dawes
Brendan Somers, Josh Ghory
1st BlackScott Petersen, Jesse Graham
Darcy McNeil, Sean Phare
2nd RedDavid Marshall, Aaron Burgoyne
WhiteCameron Moyls, Matthew Maurice


*Games are played Tuesdays and are one-hour slots, 6-10 p.m. at the 19 Wing Gym. If you have the same jersey colour of another team, the number beside that colour is priority to wear it based on who signed up first. If the other team has higher priority, your team must bring a different colour. There are no pinnies.

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**Gym Unavailable on January 31**


**Gym Unavailable on February 28**

19 Wing @ 1575 Military Row, Comox

19 Wing @ 1575 Military Row, Comox

19 Wing @ 1575 Military Row, Comox

**Spring Leagues Registration Closes March 29**

Indoor Leagues in: Volleyball.
Outdoor Leagues in: Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Slo Pitch, Beach Volleyball.