Return To Play

Here at the CVSSC, we are incredibly excited to get back to playing! Sports and recreation play an important role in the physical, social and mental well-being of both our CVSSC players and our wider community. With that in mind, we have reviewed and worked with the direction provided from the BC government (which included sports in Phase 2 of BC’s Restart Plan, effective May 19), and the Return to Sport guidelines provided by viaSport BC to develop our plan for a safe return to sports. We have long prided ourselves on our amazing community of players playing ‘with’ each other and not just ‘against’ each other in our leagues in order to create a welcoming environment and countless lasting friendships. And in this new normal, we’ll require the buy-in of all of our players to help ensure we do this safely together. It will take some patience, some kindness and some communication as we work through the process, but by working together and making good choices, we can play sports again.

Players, please read the CVSSC Return to Play Guidelines below, followed by the Sport-Specific Adjustments and Rule Changes for each sport you are participating in:

SCREENING: If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these screening checklist questions, you must not participate.

  • – Assess your own risk: Please consider your own risk before choosing to participate. If you are at a higher risk of experiencing serious illness from COVID-19, consider limiting or avoiding participation in sports activities.
  • – Self-screening must be completed by all players prior to every game. (See link above.)
  • – Captain and in-game community screening: It will be a community effort including the coordinators, Team Captains and players to ensure that no one with symptoms is at the fields/gyms and playing in a game. If any player is experiencing symptoms at their game, the Team Captain must send them home immediately and notify the coordinator.

Hygiene: Players should wash their hands prior to heading out to their facility each week, and are advised to bring their own sanitizer to games.

  • – Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • – Use sanitizer at breaks in play and when subbing off, as necessary.
  • – Avoid touching mouth, eyes or nose and direct any cough or sneeze into the pit of the elbow.
  • – No sharing water or food.
  • – No spitting (including tobacco and sunflower seeds).
  • – Shared equipment should be disinfected as laid out in each set of sport-specific guidelines, or when required. Teams may use their own sanitizer, or sanitizing equipment will be available at the coordinators’ sanitizing stations at games.

MASKS: For outdoor sports, it is recommended that players bring a mask that covers the mouth and nose to the playing locations for use in situations where social distancing may be more difficult: such as accessing or departing certain fields and subbing off on the sidelines in certain sports. It helps to always be prepared for the possibility of a situation where a mask would be useful.  For indoor sports, mask need to be used for entering and exiting the gym. Wearing a mask during play is optional.

SPECTATORS: For indoor sports, only players are allowed to enter the gyms. There is no space for family, friends, or other spectators. For outdoor sports, we ask that teams avoid bringing spectators to their games and that any spectators that do attend maintain 6-foot social distance from each other and watch from a suitable distance away from the play. If children come to an outdoor sport, please do not leave them unattended while playing.

  • – There is a max team roster size for each sport listed in the sport specific guidelines below, in order to stay within the max gathering guidelines of 50 people (for outdoor sports, please note this is 50 per field). Spectators will not be allowed on the sidelines if they push the group total above the max roster size and should generally plan to watch from a suitable distance off the field.

SIDELINES AND BENCHES: In the lead up to the game, and during the game, players are to maintain the appropriate 6-foot physical distance between teammates and opponents that are not a part of your personal ‘bubble.’ In instances where it’s not possible, a mask is recommended.


  • – Captains must maintain a 6-foot distance in pre-game meetups to discuss any issues and perform RPS for first possession in leagues that have it.
  • – There are no handshakes, hugs and high-fives with anyone outside your personal ‘bubble.’ Please find other ways to still acknowledge your teammates and opponents during and after the games, including clapping or complimenting them on a good game. Sportsmanship and spirit are still incredibly important.


  • – Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled game time when the field is still in use. Each sport may have different access and departure requirements that will be relayed to the teams/team captains.
  • – If you arrive at your field/gym and the playing surface is not clear, do not move towards or onto the playing area until the other group has cleared the playing area. We need to ensure that physical distancing is maintained at entrances and exits, in particular.
  • – Please take all garbage and belongings with you and leave nothing behind.
  • – No congregating at the CVSSC booked fields/gyms when there is another group coming onto the field. Please pack up and exit quickly.

All players must read and adhere to all CVSSC policies and guidelines outlined for each sport in the links provided below.  Please have patience as we implement a new style of play and help provide feedback as necessary: