Spring 2020 Leagues Cancelled

Hello CVSSC Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the cancellation of our upcoming Spring Sports Leagues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online registration is now closed and we’ll work to ensure all previously paid spring registrations are refunded over the coming week so that our players have that money back in their pockets during this difficult time.

As sports are an incredibly important part of our community’s physical, social and mental health, we would love to be able to hold out hope to provide a safe and healthy outlet for everyone come the regular spring sports launch in mid-April. However, we believe it is the correct decision to proactively make this call so that everyone can plan accordingly for the near future and we can all do our part to work together and stop the spread of this coronavirus.

What We Will Do: We will be monitoring the recommendations of our provincial health authorities and the local situation in the Comox Valley over the coming months and make decisions about future seasons and leagues based on their science-based recommendations. We will not schedule any games to be played until it is deemed safe to do so. The safety of you, our players, and our greater community that includes a significant at-risk population is of the utmost importance.

What We Need You To Do: Please stay home whenever possible, practice safe social distancing when you must go out and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly so that we can flatten the curve of coronavirus infections in our community and help our heroic healthcare workers in their fight. If you are healthy and able, this is also the time to look around you and see where you may be able to help others in need in as safe a manner as possible. Do you have an elderly neighbour that could use help getting groceries? Do you have extra of a necessity that you could donate to those in need? Are you able to make an appointment to donate blood? Do you know someone that could use a phone call just to check in and see how they’re doing? Is someone you know likely to struggle financially over the coming days and in need of a little lift? This is the time for our community to shine like it always has.

What The Future Holds: Our hope is that we will be able to open registration for our Summer Leagues in May and launch them on time for a mid-to-late June start. But this isn’t a decision that we will be able to make until we get closer and we will announce the re-opening of registration here, on Facebook, and in our e-newsletters when it’s a possibility.

In the meantime, a reminder that this isn’t forever. This is a short-term sacrifice so that we can get back to playing sooner than later. Do the right thing. Get your exercise in at home or in the wide open spaces away from other people outdoors. We will be back and we will play again. Can’t wait to see you all when we do.

Yours in Sports,
Scott Petersen and the CVSSC Team