Monday Ultimate Schedule:

Ultimate Teams - Summer 2019

TeamTeam Colour(s)Colour PriorityTeam Captain(s)
2nd YellowAlex Kennedy, Trevor Shoesmith
Colin Hanes, Alicia Steele
1st YellowBarry Hyslop, Jessica Hyslop
2nd OrangeMelissa Rollin, Lisa Thomas
1st OrangeAndrew Taylor, Wilford Arao Arao
Ian McQuade, Allie Hoy
2nd GreenKevin Elmore, Josh Ghory
1st Greendustin williams, Adam Bakular-evans
1st RedScott Petersen, Jesse Savage
Tie-Die/WhiteSarah Nolette, Mike Bryan
Andrew Matthews, Brittany Young
2nd RedBrian Bailey, Adam Amlani

All games are played Mondays at Queneesh Elementary, G.P. Vanier + Woodcote Park, unless otherwise noted. Players/teams are expected to show up regardless of rain/wind and a decision to play or not will be made at the fields near game time.

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**No Games July 1 For Canada Day**

Queneesh Elementary School @ 2345 Mission Rd, Courtenay

Middle Field 6:30 Our ‘Hat Tourney’ is a way to continue offering some fun ultimate action to all of those in town who can make it. It’s a way of making the most of a day that’s historically had lower attendance and some forfeits.

Queneesh Elementary School @ 2345 Mission Rd, Courtenay

Woodcote Park @ 1281 17th St, Courtenay

Queneesh Elementary School @ 2345 Mission Rd, Courtenay

**Fall Leagues Registration Closes Sept. 16th (Earlier for Fall Ultimate)**

Join us for leagues in: 7-on-7 Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Dodgeball + Basketball!

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