Wednesday Indoor Volleyball Schedule: Winter 2018

Indoor Volleyball Teams - Wednesday - Tier A - Winter 2018

TeamTeam Captain(s)
Daryl Hopwood, Jacinda Smit
Kelly Dewar, Kaitlyn Falk
Rachel Wright, Sara Traves
Kurt Schoock, Jocelyn Waldern
Singles Team
Cole Daugherty, Jeremy Hagberg
Roger Grutzmacher, Jessica Kerr
Chris Haslett, Dan Braidwood

Indoor Volleyball Teams - Wednesday - Tier B - Winter 2018

TeamTeam Captain(s)
Brad Scheck, Lisa Scheck
Tara McFee, Ray Francis
Kara Muurmans, Erik Muurmans
Scott Petersen, Scott Webster
Bruce Mcclintock, Krista Mcclintock
Meg Sidey, Melissa McIntosh
Singles Team
Brett Schoock, Alex Muzzin
Robyn Heron, Kevin Berot
Greg Chadwick, Kevin Knutsen
Vaughn Baknes, Stefani Hanson
Nick Ward, Gesa Ward
Tina Hurley, Andree-Anne Trudel
Frank McCullough, Kelly Maguire
Kelly Barnie, Amanda Conly
Bert Jaeger, Syd Moncrief


Games are 80-90 minute time slots on Wednesdays between 6-10 p.m. at the following gyms: Ecole au Coeur de L’Ile, Brooklyn Elementary, and 19 Wing Community and Rec. Centre. The names and addresses are embedded in each week’s schedule. Game nights will be a mix of either two opponents (each to best-of-3) or single opponent (best-of-5).

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