Wednesday Indoor Volleyball Schedule:

Indoor Volleyball Teams - Wednesday - Spring 2018

TeamTeam Captain(s)
Tara McFee, Curtis Mitchell
Grainne McKenna, Megan Caldwell
Bruce Mcclintock, Krista Mcclintock
Will Hunter, Andree-Anne Trudel
Alex Kennedy, Leanne McLean
Robyn Heron, Kevin Berot
Nick Ward, Gesa Ward
Corey Sawchuk, Amanda Conly
Meg Sidey, Mel McIntosh
Kelly Barnie, Jamie Barnie
Singles Team
Nicholas Blackburn, Eric Schalm
Lisa Scheck, Jeff Taylor
Jason Anderson, Sam Lohn


Games are 80-90 minute time slots on Wednesdays between 6-10 p.m. at the following gyms: Ecole au Coeur de L’Ile, Brooklyn Elementary, and 19 Wing Community and Rec. Centre. The names and addresses are embedded in each week’s schedule. Game nights will be a mix of either two opponents (each to best-of-3) or single opponent (best-of-5).

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