Tuesday Indoor Volleyball Schedule: Winter 2018

Indoor Volleyball Teams - Tuesday - Winter 2018

TeamTeam Captain(s)
Grainne McKenna, Krys Cook
Jason Anderson, Darlene Seib
Kevin Zomar, Sasha Mitchell
Erin Haluschak, Gord Kurbis
Jamie Barnie, Corey Sawchuk
Dan Chaston, Nathan Haché
Amy Regan, Miriam Flannery
Singles Team
Bill Northey
Robyn Heron, Alana Locke
Joel Upsdell, Carter Watts
Singles Team


Games are 80-90 minute time slots on Tuesdays between 6-10 p.m. at Ecole au Coeur de L’Ile, unless otherwise noted. The location names and addresses are embedded in each week’s schedule. Game nights will be a mix of either two opponents (each to best-of-3), or single opponent (best-of-5).

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