Monday Ultimate Schedule:

Ultimate Teams - Summer 2018

TeamTeam Colour(s)Colour PriorityTeam Captain(s)
Alex Kennedy, Trevor Shoesmith
Colin Hanes, Alicia Steele
1st WhiteAndrew Taylor, Dannielle Currie
Melissa Rollins, Ken Errico
Tie-DyeCaitlin O'Neill, James McKerricher
Ben Wilkie, Shelby Smith
Singles Team
Ian McQuade, Annelies Henckel
2nd Greendustin williams, Adam Bakular-evans
1st RedScott Petersen, Jesse Savage
1st GreenJosh Ghory, Kevin Elmore
2nd RedBrian Bailey, Chris Lewis


*Games are played Mondays at Queneesh Fields, Mark Isfeld (lower field below/behind school), or Woodcote Park unless otherwise noted. Players/teams are expected to show up regardless of rain/wind and games will be played unless weather is severe.

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Queneesh Elementary School @ 2345 Mission Rd, Courtenay

Middle Field 6:30 Our ‘Hat Tourney’ is a way to continue offering some fun ultimate action to all of those in town who can make it. It’s a way of making the most of a day that’s historically had lower attendance and some forfeits.

*Hat Tourney Explained: All players at the field at 6:30 are split up into a number of relatively even teams that play each other in a short tournament format for fun. If you want to play with a friend, we can make that happen, but it’s a great chance to meet new people too. Please bring both a dark and light shirt to the field.

**Fall Leagues Registration Closes September 10th**

Join us for leagues in: 7-on-7 Fall Ultimate (register by Aug. 27), Indoor Volleyball, Dodgeball, Indoor Soccer and Floor Hockey.

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