Monday Dodgeball Schedule: Winter 2019

Monday Dodgeball Teams - Winter 2019

TeamTeam Colour(s)Team Captain(s)
Not AvailableNick Peterson, roger grutzmacher
Tony Ryan
Dallen Belanger, Alix McCubbin
Kevin Knutsen, Katie Harper
Sasha Mitchell, Kevin Zomar
Alex Kennedy, Kerra Shaw
dustin williams, Adam Bakular-evans
Daniel Scherr, John Hodkin
josh maurice, mat maurice
Devin Grundy, Annalise Gill


*Games are played Mondays, 6-10 p.m. at Cumberland Jr. Middle School, unless noted otherwise. Court 1 is closest to the school entrance. Court 2 is furthest from the entrance.

*We request that new teams and players arrive 30 minutes early to watch a portion of previous games in action and review rules prior to playing.

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Cumberland Junior School Gym @ 2674 Windermere Ave.

*No Games  Feb. 18 for Family Day*

*No Games  March 18 + 25 for Spring Break*

Cumberland Junior School Gym @ 2674 Windermere Ave.

Daj Mabal
Dodge City Dodgefathers

6 - 10
Game Notes:
SF#3: High Seed Loser vs. Low Seed Loser from top 8.

Ninjas With Attitude
Purple Reign of Unicorns

7 - 9
Game Notes:
SF#4: Mid-Seed Losers from top 8.

Piggy Back Attack

9 - 6
Game Notes:
SF#2: Mid-Seed Winners from top 8.

Young Guns
The Ballistics

10 - 6
Game Notes:
SF#1: High Seed Winner vs. Low Seed Winner from top 8.

fluid bar and grill team excellence
Duck Duck Chuck

8 - 7
Game Notes:
SF#5: Winners QF#5 vs. QF#6

Skillz That Killz
Dodgy Style

7 - 8
Game Notes:
SF#6: Losers QF#5 vs. QF#6

Cumberland Junior School Gym @ 2674 Windermere Ave.

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