Tuesday Beach Volleyball Schedule:

Beach Volleyball Teams - Tuesday - Summer 2018

TeamTeam Captain(s)
Christa Nordhus, Mike Holekamp
Singles Team
Laura Hunter, Meta Wood
Xander Amoroso, Megan Carnahan
John Hodkin, Jasmine Naswell
Kelly Barnie, Amanda Conly
Robyn Heron, Simon Laurent
Erik Muurmans, Joel Upsdell
Sean Nakatsu, Patti Smith
Clayton Frank, Josh Frank
Gord Kurbis, Erin Haluschak
Darlene Seib, Meaghan Radke


Games are played Tuesdays at the Standard Park Beach Volleyball Courts in Courtenay (near Fluid Bar and Grill). Players/teams are expected to show up regardless of rain/wind (unless otherwise notified) and a decision to play or not will be made at the courts near game time. If make-up games are needed, they may need to be scheduled on a day other than Tuesday.

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Standard Park @ Cliffe Ave. and 14th St, Courtenay

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