CVSSC League Details


Co-ed Slo-Pitch

- Suggested roster of 12-15 players.
- Minimum three ladies on the field during game.
- Spring League is 9 weeks, including playoffs.
- Summer League is 8 weeks, including playoffs.
- Games are seven innings long.
- No games on long weekends.


Spring Leagues

Sundays League:

- Runs approx. April 30 to mid-July.

*Registration opens Feb. 15 and closes April 10.


Summer Leagues

Sundays League:

- Runs approx. July 9 to mid September.

*Registration opens May 15 and closes June 19 for most summer sports. (Later deadline for summer slo pitch).

Where Diamonds in the Comox Valley, including Highland, Village Park, Lewis and Valley View.
Who People who want to have fun playing slo-pitch and doing a little socializing.
How Much

Spring League: $55/individual; $500/team. (includes tax)


Summer League: $55/individual; $450/team. (includes tax)


Slo-Pitch Trivia

  • There is a Slo Pitch Pub and Casino in Bellingham, Washington. I kid you not.
  • The Slo-Pitch National organization of Canada actually has a Hall of Fame. Again, I kid you not.
  • Slo-Pitch is a variant of softball and is often spelled: slow-pitch, slopitch, slo pitch, and slow pitch.
  • I do know (thank you Wikipedia) that softball was invented by an American named George Hancock in 1887, who used a rolled up boxing glove as a ball, and a broomstick as a bat.
  • Softball was originally developed as an indoor sport, but is mainly played outdoors.



Mixed Slo-Pitch

Slo-pitch is all about good times with friends, so that's what we embrace with our Comox Valley slo-pitch leagues.

We try our best to make the rules easy to understand and the games fun to play for everyone on the diamonds. We want you to hit the ball, not try to get a walk! And we want you to take any position in the field that you feel comfortable playing - heck, try them all if you like!

With our list of player-friendly rules, we hope our "funner" brand of slo pitch is one you enjoy. See you on the ball diamonds!



Click on the applicable icon below to register and pay league fees for a team or an individual. To register a small group, each player completes an individual registration and notes their friends in the "friends" box. We'll take care of you from there. Have fun!

Subs: Those who miss the registration deadline can also contact us to be put on the spares list, though with no guarantee of playing.

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