CVSSC League Details


5-on-5 Floor Hockey

- Five-on-five includes goalies.
- Leagues are 9 weeks, including playoffs.
- Game time slots are one hour long.
- League is 'open' co-ed, meaning there are no minimum numbers of each gender needed on the floor.


Fall Leagues

Tuesdays League:
Runs approx. Sept. 19 to end of November.

*Registration opens Aug. 1 and closes Sept. 11.


Winter Leagues

Tuesdays League:
Runs approx. Jan. 16 to end of March.

*Registration opens Nov. 1 and closes Jan. 8.


Comox Recreation Centre  @ 1855 Noel Ave.


19 Wing Community and Recreation Centre @ 1575 Military Row, near Canex.

Who Anyone who wants to get out and have a good time. Players can sign up as singles, with some friends, or an entire team.
How Much

$65/individual (tax included)


$500/team (tax included)


Floor/Ball Hockey Trivia


  • The Comox Valley hosts a Comox Cup ball hockey championship each summer. The Courtenay Knights won the C division championship in 2008.
  • There is a Canadian Ball Hockey Association, and NHLer Georges Laraque even suited up for the nationals one year.
  • Terry Ryan, a high first-round draft pick of the Montreal Canadiens, actually competes internationally in ball hockey for Canada.
  • In D2: The Mighty Ducks, the "knuckle puck" shot was introduced. Americans temporarily tuned into the sport of ice hockey, then departed, when they found out the "knuckle puck" was a fake (and there is no "slider puck" or "curve puck," or "split-finger puck"). What a great movie though... classic.



Floor Hockey

Come play where snow, sleet, rain and cars can't interrupt your stickhandling brilliance.

Our non-contact games are fast-paced and competitive, but played as fun-first and with no tolerance for high sticks or physical play. The result is an exciting brand of high-scoring, fun hockey that drew 11 teams in the winter of 2011 and continues to grow.

The floor hockey/ball hockey league is open to players and teams from Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Campbell River and surrounding areas.

*Sticks -- Plastic blades and one-piece composites are allowed. No wood sticks/sticks that mark the floors. No taped blades.

*Goalie Equipment -- Each team should provide their own. However, two sets of goalie equipment are available for use.


Click on the applicable icon below to register and pay league fees for a team or an individual. To register a small group, each player completes an individual registration and notes their friends in the "friends" box. We'll take care of you from there. Have fun!

Subs: Those who miss the registration deadline can also contact us to be put on the spares list, though with no guarantee of playing.

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