CVSSC League Details


Co-ed 6-on-6 Dodgeball

- Minimum 2 girls on court to start each game.

- Games are one-hour time slots and first to 10 points, followed by fun games.

- Leagues last 9 weeks, including playoffs.


Fall Leagues

Mondays League: - (Recreational-Plus)

- Runs approx. Sept. 18 to end of November.


Wednesdays League - (Recreational-Plus)

- Runs approx. Sept. 20 to end of November.

*Registration opens Aug. 1 and closes Sept. 11.


Winter Leagues

Mondays League - (Recreational-Plus)

- Runs approx. Jan. 15 to early April.


Wednesdays League - (Recreational-Plus)

- Runs approx. Jan. 17 to mid-March.

*Registration opens Nov. 1 and closes Jan. 8.


Cumberland Jr. gym (2674 Windermere Ave.)

Who People who want to have a good time. You can sign up as a single, with friends or an entire team.
How Much

MONDAYS: $65/individual; $500/team. (includes tax)


WEDNESDAYS: $55/individual; $450/team (includes tax)


Dodgeball Trivia


  • Ben Stiller reportedly got so caught up in the action during the filming of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, that he broke three cameras with errant throws.
  • Dodgeball is so popular in Japan that their elementary school kids have competed annually since 1992 for the Kuroneko Cup -- a national championship.
  • The International Dodgeball Federation was founded as a joke in 1996, but soon received so much feedback that it became a real organization and started sanctioning events.
  • While dodgeball has taken off in popularity and garnered more media attention since 2004's Dodgeball movie, it had already taken major strides in popularity for adults in the previous decade.
  • There are dozens of variations of dodgeball played all over the world with crazy names and rules. Some examples are annihilation, army dodgeball, war ball and last man standing.


Unlike dodgeball great Patches O'Houlihan, we throw vinyl-coated foam balls that don't leave a mark, not metal wrenches. After all, this may be the most social sport out there and the clang of metal wrenches upside the head is only funny on the big screen.

It's a phenomenal time, great workout and is growing like wildfire with 32 teams in the Winter 2017 season alone. Unlike many other sports, few people in the Comox Valley have played dodgeball since elementary school, so all skill levels can fit right in and have at least some success.

Oh, and miracle moments do happen!

The dodgeball leagues are open to players and teams from Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Campbell River and surrounding areas.

League Registration

Click on the applicable icon below to register and pay league fees for a team or an individual. To register a small group, each player completes an individual registration and notes their friends in the "friends" box. We'll take care of you from there. Have fun!

Subs: Those who miss the registration deadline can also contact us to be put on the spares list, though with no guarantee of playing.

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