CVSSC Badminton Night Details


Open Singles and Doubles Badminton Play

- Open to all skill levels.
- Nine weeks of 75-90 minute time slots.
- Each season is 9 weeks long. That's 9 nights of games.
- Play with/against whomever you want each night.
- League default is doubles play when time slots are full, but singles play is encouraged when space allows each night.


Fall Badminton:

*Thursdays - Runs approximately Sept. 22 to end of November.

*Registration opens Aug. 1 and closes Sept. 12.


Winter Badminton:

*Thursdays - Runs approx. Jan. 19 to end of March.

*Registration opens Nov. 1 and closes January 9.

Where Ecole au Coeur-de-L-Ile School Gym @ 556 Linshart Rd., Comox.
Who Any adults who are up for a good time and a great workout.
How Much

$30/player (including tax) for each season


Badminton Trivia

  • The best shuttlecocks are apparently made from the feathers of the left wing of a goose. Seriously.
  • Not only is a badminton an Olympic sport, but Canada actually had a solid chance at a medal at the 2012 London Games after four of the best teams in the world were tossed in a max fitching scandal. Canada finished 4th.
  • Shuttlecoks have been clocked in excess of 200 mph in competition, which is ridiculously fast.





Badminton is a fantastic racquet sport that can be played on a variety of levels, be it just for fun among friends or at a high level with some strategy and crazy rallies. Either way you play, it's a good night out with some good people. So dig those racquets out and come play with us!

The CVSSC's Badminton Night is open to all skill levels and comes with a casual set-up where you play with/against whomever you like each night. This will allow players to play at a level they prefer and work on improving their skills in a friendly environment each week. The overarching philosophy is to make this a welcoming night full of great people.

This is one of the most popular sports in the world to play and now you can play it with the CVSSC with a great gym, nets and great people!

Badminton Registration

Click on the 'Register Individual' icon below to register and pay the fees for the badminton night. To register with a friend, each player completes an individual registration and notes their friends in the "friends" box. We'll make sure you're in the same time slot from there. Have fun!

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