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Game History - Dat Pass Tho

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Week Team 1 Points Team 2 Points
1Consensual Sets1Dat Pass Tho1
1That's What She Set0Dat Pass Tho2
2Fede-Rallies0Dat Pass Tho2
2Spiked Punch0Dat Pass Tho2
3Dat Pass Tho3Old Spikes1
4Strike Farce0Dat Pass Tho2
4Ball Fondlers1Dat Pass Tho2
5Dat Pass Tho2Set-sy and We Know It!0
5Dat Pass Tho2Smack That Ace0
6Serves and Cervezas0Dat Pass Tho2
6Diggas With Attitude0Dat Pass Tho2
7Dat Pass Tho1Thrillbillies2
7Dat Pass Tho2Balls Deep0





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